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The best source for feng shui tips & feng shui cures! is the official website for everything about House of Feng Shui Manila. This offers you different services, information, photos, galleries and other links which will be very useful for you. Online shopping, seminars, latest updates, promos and events are now just a click away! You can log on to our website at your most comfortableplace and at your most convenient time.

Feng shui cures for love, relationships, health and life in general, everything you can find it here. This is a one-stop site for advice on feng shui tips on how to improve your life & how to change your luck. This site also gives you free access to MECKY DECENA RADIO.

MECKY DECENA RADIO is an internet radio show where Ms. Mecky Decena tackles about anything, literally, anything under the sun! With her expertise and mastery about feng shui, Ms. Mecky gives useful feng shui tips and offers us explanations to make feng shui simple and easy to understand!You can also hear different stories, true to life experiences, proofs and lessons connecting to feng shui from clients who have been with Ms. Mecky for so many years.

Listen. Realize. Act. Join us for an inspiring discussion! MECKY DECENA RADIO Live broadcast starts from 8PM Manila time and you can hear it around the clock, from anywhere in the world!


To all my HOF family, just want to reiterate and inform everyone that NO ONE except Rhoderick Salvador or any of our official bank accounts are authorized payment gateways for any and all payments for HOF or dues you wish to transmit to us. I AM REQUESTING ALL MY FRIENDS AND CLIENTS TO PLEASE BE AWARE OF other people advising different names as receivers for your payment.

My attention was called this past 2 days by 3 clients of some people advising them to change the receiver's name for payments due to us in HOF to someone else's name. Hope you would be aware and please be informed that we shall NOT HONOR much more release any cures/packages if any payment was made to anyone other than the duly authorized person in my behalf to collect.

Should you have any concerns or inquiries please feel free to contact us directly.


Please be advised that the official website of IMPOK Service Cooperative is now and the official email of IMPOK admin is

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