Feng Shui Expert Mecky Decena

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Feng Shui Benefits

This episode will explain everything about Feng Shui's Cleansing, Uses and Benefits on our own self and daily life.

Feng Shui Rituals

This episode will explain everything about Feng Shui's Sacred Rituals and how they work in our life.

FS Tips for Business

This episode will give you some tips on running your own online or homebased businesses.

2020 Powerful Flags

Learn each and every section of Feng Shui, along with the color and element associated with it. Learn more about the Powerful Flags on this video.

FS Outlook for 2020

The coming year 2020 has ample growth energy. This is going to be an exciting year with both good and bad news. Learn more on this episode.

HOFS' 13th Anniversary

This is one of the most special episode! More discounts and sale promos as HOFS celebrated its 13th year anniversary!