Feng Shui Expert Mecky Decena

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Wealth Opportunities

This episode will explain everything about Feng Shui's Opportunity for wealth to apply on our own self and daily life.

Wealth Creation

This episode will explain everything about how Feng Shui create Wealth in our life.

Wealth Building Seminar

This episode will give you some tips on how to build your wealth.

Reason for Not Being Wealthy

Learn each and every section of Feng Shui, along with the whys associated with why you are not Wealthy. Learn more about the reason on this video.

Live Puja 2022

Make a wish while joining Ms. Mecky Decena as she went on with her Study Journey this year 2022.

Walk to Stupa

This is one of the most special episode! Join Ms. Mecky Decena as she walk to the Stupa.