Feng Shui Expert MECKY DECENA

After years of studying Feng Shui, Feng Shui Expert Mecky Decena can help guide and show you how to use Feng Shui Practices to bring more value to those who are willing by enhancing its energy to maximize health, wealth and abundance.

Know more about F E N G S H U I

If your energy is diverted, or you want to alter course. Feng Shui is changing your room to make your life better. Reap the benefits of this rare chance to learn how to change the business space to maximize innovation, efficiency and overall success.

House of Feng Shui Manila's Meditation Center

HOFS Meditation Center helps us to achieve harmony and peace: it cleanses the consciousness, frees it from pain and the deep-seated triggers of misery. Everyone is free to visit the Center. To know more. Send us a message.